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Team Needed For 2018 Spring / Fall leagues

  • FEB 9, 2018 Steve and Kaela are looking for a team for 2018, we just had our second baby and gain a bunch of baby fat, need to run it off lol. Message me to gaudreausteve@outlook.com.

  • FEB 9, 2018 I am a 35 year old male looking for a team to play on for 2018. I am new to Penticton and played mixed league softball in Kamloops last year. I played baseball as a teenager but only mixed rec league as an adult. Please email me at csayles@summer.com if you are in search of a player. Chris Sayles

  • FEB 14, 2018 i am looking to join a adult female beginner slo pitch team .. i was in slo pitch as a child and would like to get back into it. Kirlin Roberge kirlin2016@hotmail.com

  • FEB 14, 2018 My wife and I have just moved to Penticton. We have played on a mixed team for a few years back in Vancouver. We both played organized baseball growing up. We are both 35 ward old. Brad Morgan morganbradr@gmail.com

  • FEB 21, 2018 I am 25 yr old male looking to join a team for mixed team tournament. I played cricket for 14 years but have never tried baseball, thought it would be fun to give it a shot. Contact: arshiebrar@gmail.com

  • MAR 3, 2018 I'm looking for an entry level fun team. I am new to the sport but eager to learn. Subrina Monteith samonteith@shaw.ca

  • MAR 5, 2018 I am a 27 year old male, new to town, looking for a team in the upcoming season. I played baseball in high school, but only in the odd slow pitch game since then. Colin Dacre. ccdacre@gmail.com

  • MAR 5, 2018 My husband and I would like to join a team. We both played (baseball/softball) for a few years as kids. lori.michaud@hotmail.com

  • MAR 5, 2018 I'm fairly new to Penticton and looking for a mixed or men's slo pitch team this spring. I've been a lifelong ball player if that means anything but just looking to have a good time. Please reach me at coltondavies95@gmail.com or 250 462 5542

  • MAR 15, 2018 I'm a 33 year old woman who played as a teen and would like to play again in mixed ball. My name is Lindsey Hayter and can be reached at 250-486-8666.

  • MAR 21, 2018 As a recent transplant from the lower mainland I am looking to join a team, Mens or Mixed League, fast or slo pitch. Have mitt and cleats, will travel. Pretty good at it, love to play and I just want to keep that activity going in my lifestyle. norm_erxleben@hotmail.com or test 604.763.7517

  • MAR 22, 2018 My name is Ashton, I'm a 23 year old female looking for a team. I'm probably about an intermediate level as I played softball all throughout high school. I can be contacted at (306) 730-8869

  • MAR 26, 2018 I'm Loni, I'm 22 and in college. I would love to play on a recreational mixed league. I played a bit of softball in middle and high school gym class but never got to play on a team. My number is 250 300 6105 or email me at dfnoeloni@gmail.com

  • MAR 28, 2018 Hi, my name is Adam Parr. 30 year old male looking for a mixed slo-pitch team. I have about 8 years experience, can play anywhere on the diamond and am looking for a team that shares a positive and fun attitude! farr.adam.d@gmail.com

  • MAR 28, 2018 I'm Michael McIntosh and looking to join a mixed Slo-Pitch team for the 2018 season. I'm a 43 year old male and I've recently moved here from Vancouver. I've played all my life and Im looking for a fun casual team. mightyanzamac@gmail.com

  • APR 2, 2018 Hi my name is Daniel, i just moved to penticton today and am looking for a team to play for. I am 22 and have played hardball since I was 5 and slo pitch since 15. Looking for a competitive and fun team to play for. dan.munn@live.ca

  • APR 2, 2018 I just moved to Penticton and am looking for a coed team, 32 y/o male, never played any organized slow pitch or baseball growing up but did play a season in Princeton last year and played lots for fun growing up. I can swing the bat pretty well and am competent with a glove so one of the mid level leagues I think would work well for my skill level. rpbergen@hotmail.com

  • APR 3, 2018 2 females looking for a team. Just moved here from Vancouver. Anna Maria Pirillo annampirillo@gmail.com

  • APR 7, 2018 I am looking for a slow pitch team next or woman's in Summerland to join ASAP. I am a back catcher and shortstop player it's been a few years I am experienced and I'm a good team player please get back to me at the return email address as soon as possible or call 250 486 4724 also 250 899 8313 ask for Angela

  • APR 9, 2018 My team from last year has folded and I'm looking for a new team in the mixed league. I've played in Division 3 & 4 over the past few years and in the Okanagan Senior League. I can play any position except pitcher. Wayne Wood wfwood@telus.net

  • APR 9, 2018 Hi I am a 35year old male looking to spare or play mixed slo pitch I grew up playing ball and can play all positions I mostly played infield but am comfortable anywhere. Curtis Weninger curtisweninger@hotmail.com

  • APR 9, 2018 I recently moved to Penticton and would definitely like to play. I'm male and played competitive baseball growing up and have played slo-pitch the past few years. If there are any teams looking for a player please let me know. My contact number is (604) 916-5160 or gavin.francis9@gmail.com

  • APR 9, 2018 My boyfriend and I, 27 and 26, are looki g for a slo pitch team to join for the summer. New to pentiction. elin.davies21@gmail.com

  • APR 11, 2018 I am new to town and looking to join a softball slow pitch team. I am not amazing, but decent enough, have played on teams in Vancouver 2 summers in a row. I'm a 25 year old female! Please email me! em.j.curtis@gmail.com

  • APR 13, 2018 My name is Steven Gallant and looking for a ball team to play on this year. I played ball my whole life. I am 35 years old and love the game and I make an excellent third base man. sandyaitkins@hotmail.com

  • APR 13, 2018 I moved to Summerland this winter so I'm new to the area. I'm 32 have a car and am a decent softball player. Mark. markfsc@gmail.com

  • APR 16, 2018 Hi, i am 23 years old just moved to penticton and looking to join a slow pitch or baseball team. I havent played much baseball but I am pretty decent. Email ryan_velden@hotmail.com

  • APR 19, 2018 Hi, we have recently moved to Penticton and we are looking to join or play with a co-ed slow pitch team. We are in our mid/early 30's. We both played slow pitch in our previous city. The female player played fastball her whole life and slow pitch since her early 20's and the male has played slow pitch for the past five years, played baseball as a child/teen and plays hockey. We can be reached at 306-370-8900 or at 306-370-0802 Jade and Adam Kondra

  • APR 23, 2018 Hi there my name is Colin Arevalo just moved to Penticton and would love to join a team I can be reached at 250-328-9551

  • APR 23, 2018 Hi my name is Matthew Adam I'm 24 looking to join just for fun im naturally athletic but not huge into softball contact me at 250-486-0491 or mattadam2410@hotmail.ca

  • MAY 7, 2018 Hi, I'm Tyson, 31 years old. 5'11, 180lbs. Moved to Penticton in 2016 to get away from the congested city life of Vancouver. Needed to relive my childhood memories of living here in the Okanagan. I played 4 consecutive years with my past employers annual beer league team. I am a Lefty so, I was placed and played best at 1st base and Left Field. I can be reached at: tysonwaite@gmail.com

  • MAY 7, 2018 I'm curious to try out and join Slo-pitch women's league. I'm 26 year end femaile. I have little experience directly with baseball, but I'm pretty familiar with hit-run-ball with cricket and Elle, as I'm from Sri Lanka! Dumindra. dumindra21@hotmail.com

  • MAY 8, 2018 Looking for a pitcher with some experience for Men's Ball. You won't have to pitch every game, just need someone to pitch half the games. Let me know if interested. Derek 780-691-1806 (work cell)

  • MAY 15, 2018 My name is Paul most people probably know me as Wingnut. I'm a very good ballplayer and play any position love to play the game would love to play men's Ball or even on a coed team I can be reached at 780-531-4013 or text me at anytime

  • MAY 25, 2018 I come from a background of ball players and played for several years in Lethbridge in both a C and A team. I can run like the dickens and am not afraid of the ball. I usually play 3rd or right field although my throwing distance could improve I am capable of catching and throwing to the players. I live in Penticton, am Just over 50 and have my own glove, bat and balls. Please let me know if you need spares as I do not necessarily need to play on the same team all the time, I really just love the game and need an active component to my schedule. Feel free to contact me at tam4travel@live.ca or phone @ 250-344-1213. Tammy

  • MAY 25, 2018 I am 22 years old and new to Penticton and looking to play softball. I have played high school baseball and then softball for the past few years. I also coached babe ruth and kal ripken. brody.nelson95@outlook.com 250-270-0112

  • MAY 28, 2018 Myself and my girlfriend have just moved to Penticton for the summer and are looking for a slo pitch team to play on. Both of us have played in community leagues as well as intramural slo pitch at our university. We are 21 and 22 and happy to play any position! Lucas Friedrich
  • l.friedrich@hotmail.com

  • JUNE 4, 2018 I am 30 years old looking to play Men's ball. Ryan Ward. rjward00@gmail.com

  • JUNE 13, 2018 I'm new to town, just recently moved to Summerland. Played high level Provincial baseball as a kid and 4 years of College basketball as an adult. I'm looking to play again for fun as an adult and meet new people. Please let me know if any teams are looking to add a player this summer! Dan Briscoe 780-714-8380 danbriscoe91@gmail.com

  • JUNE 18, 2018 My wife and I are moving to Penticton in July and are looking to play Mens, Ladies and Coed. We are both over 45 and not extremely competitive anymore. jodyduplessis@hotmail.ca

  • JUNE 18, 2018 I'm looking to join a mixed team for the fall league. I have played in the D division over the past 3 years and would like to move up to the B or C level league. My name is Chris Kocsis and I am keen to play. I can be reached at ckocsis@outlook.com or at home (250)493-7388

  • JUNE 18, 2018 My name is Gabe and I'm looking to join a mixed team for the fall league or a Mens team. gsr.lavoie@hotmail.com

  • JUNE 27, 2018 My name is Julie and I'm looking to join a mixed team for the fall league or a Womens team. jtonhauser@gmail.com

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