League Rules




Each team member MUST be covered by insurance provided by SPN National. League fees of $950 must be paid by July 15, 2022 to be included in the League in 2022.


The League Executive is made up of one member of each team in the league (either the coach or another representative).


Teams are able to add players to their roster at anytime throughout the course of the regular season. They must complete the following process before the player can play in a Men's League game: *** Official SPN roster form must be completed online by July 11, 2022. We require the online forms to be filled out completely and submitted for insurance purposes. Your team will not be allowed to play July 11, 2022, if this form is not submitted. Additions and deletions can be made to your official team roster up until the end of the regular season. Rosters will be frozen for playoffs. Should read coaches can add a player through online registration at any time before playoffs.... online at SPN. No player should be involved in games prior to being registered and signing of their waiver.


1.31 Pick-ups

League Play: Teams are only allowed to pick up a maximum of two (2) players from another teams roster. Note: Pickups must be on another Men's League team roster for insurance purposes and be used for a game where it can be demonstrated that a shortage of eligible players results from unexpected, non-preventable circumstances, and that a forfeiture would otherwise result due to lack of eligible players.

Playoffs: Teams are allowed only one (1) pickup from another team. Rosters are frozen for the playoffs - there will be "NO" additions to the roster allowed after the end of the regular season.

Players not listed on the approved SPN National roster form are not eligible to play.


In all regular season and playoff games all pickups must bat at the bottom of the order.


2.1 FIELD MAINTENANCE (Mandatory for teams in the league)

A note to all teams: We are not guaranteed the use of any field that we play on. It is a privilege for our league to use this field. We as a league must keep Lions and Mullins fields in better shape than are expected of us. This will ensure that we are able to use this field year after year. This league would not be as successful if we had to play on fields like Queens Park and the like, please keep this in mind when you are the home team.

The home team is responsible for dragging the field before the game, setting out the required bases. ( this can take 30 minutes or more to do ). Home team must put out all bases (magnetic 2nd and 3rd base and inground 1st base; all in the shed).

The Home team of the final evening game is responsible for filling holes and returning field to pre-game condition at the end of the final game. They must also turn out the lights, put the bases and rakes away and lock up any electrical light box or storage sheds that are utilized.

Fines of $100 for each time the field is not prepared before the game and if not left in suitable condition after the game. If fines are not paid then team will forfeit all games until fines are paid to the league.

Vehicles that park in the Lions parking lots and the Parkway school parking lot do so at their own risk. Any damages caused by errant balls leaving the playing surface in these locations is not the responsibility of the League or its players. However, damage to vehicles driving by Lions field on Warren Avenue and to vehicles / property on the west side of Mullins field (Baskins Court and Seventh Day Adventist Church properties) is the responsibility of the player who hits or throws the ball.


Scores must get to our league statistician within 24 hoursof the game played by email to Chris Newton at secretary@pentictonslopitch.com


a ) Liquor shall not be allowed in the dugouts or playing field area.
b ) The offending person(s) will be given one warning and the team manager shall be advised
that the warning has been given. A second incident will lead to the ejection from the game.



a ) Game start time will be indicated by the schedule. A fifteen (15) minute grace period shall be permitted before the umpire declares the game forfeited.

b ) Teams shall not have infield practices before the game and all warm-ups shall be conducted on the grass not on the infield dirt.

c ) Game points for the purpose of league standings will be assigned as follows :

WIN ...... 2 points
LOSS ... 0 points


Verbal or physical abuse towards an umpire will not be tolerated.



a ) At the discretion of a committee of representatives from each team, disciplinary action including forfeits, fines and expulsions may be taken against player, players and/or a team for one or more of the following reasons :
i ) Failure to play only with players on the approved roster.

ii ) Failure to submit a League roster by the predetermined date.

iii ) Failure to act in a sportsmanlike manner.

iv ) Verbally or physically abusing any person in the course of his or her duties.

v ) Forfeiting more than one (1) scheduled league game.

vi ) Field maintenance not being done by home teams.



Protests regarding rule interpretation must be noted immediately following the play in question, then presented to Tyler Evans (250-486-3517) within forty-eight ( 48 ) hours for resolution. A committee consisting of at least one ( 1 ) member from all teams will be struck.


Re-scheduling of Games:

1. All games must be played as scheduled. ONLY RAINED OUT GAMES may be rescheduled. Any other games if cannot be held will be forfeited. Both teams must show up at the field and it is the umpire's decision to cancel the game or to play. If only one team shows, then it shall be recorded as a forfeit, for the team that missed. Contact Chris Newton secretary@pentictonslopitch.com to reschedule all rainouts. A game forfeiture due to lack of players will result in a $50 (fifty) dollar fine. Continued failure to supply sufficient players as required will result in additional fines and the teams' suspension or expulsion


Unless specifically stated in these operating rules or in the league bylaws, all rules of play will be governed by Slo-pitch National (SPN). See official Rule Handbook 2022.https://www.slo-pitch.com/rulebook


BALLS - The league will supply all teams with game balls. Home team is to supply and has the choice of game balls used for each game. Balls must be the same type supplied by the league. (Worth Hot Dot, Yellow 12 inch, .52 core Slopitch Softball). No other balls are to be used.

BATS - Our league will follow the 2022 SPN Bat Policy. See the official SPN website for details at    http://https://www.slo-pitch.com/rulebook

UNIFORMS - Team uniforms for all players is recommended, and will be enforced by all the coaches.


1 ) A lineup card will be handed to the umpire at the coaches' conference prior to the game. Any Player not listed on the lineup card at start of game is not eligible for that game.

2 ) Playing with only 9 Players (BC "9" rule)

i) A team will legally be allowed to start a game with nine (9) players from the official start time of the game. The same team is not allowed to add a tenth player to the batting order at any time for the balance of the game.

ii) The team who starts a game with (9) players must finish the game with the nine (9) players.

iii) Any player who is listed on the line-up card as a substitute may enter the game only as a substitute player.

2 ) Batting more than 10 players

i ) A Team may choose to bat more than 10 players.

ii ) If a team chooses to bat more than 10 all players in batting order must bat and any ten can play defense. Defensive positions can be changed, but the batting order must remain the same.


i ) Courtesy Runners may be used (provided the batter has safely reached base) a maximum of three (3) times per game. Courtesy runners are allowed at any base. NOTE: If both team captains agree (prior to the start of the game) this rule can be waived and the teams may use more than 3 courtesy runners. The same player may not be used as a courtesy runner more than once per game. (See SPN Rule 8 sec. 15)


1 ) Mercy Rule

There will be a 7 run per inning limit. There is a 20 run mercy rule after 5 innings.

2 ) TieBreaker

Starting with the top of the eighth (8) inning, and each half inning thereafter, the offensive team shall begin it's turn at bat (with 1 out), with the player who is scheduled to bat last in that respective half-inning being placed on second base. That player can be substituted in accordance with the substitution / courtesy runner rules.

3 ) Home Run Rule Limit (Applies to all parks)

Designated allowances for home runs are as follows: Match Plus 2 (two) Homeruns (can not be more than 2 home runs ahead) applies to all fields. NOTE: This rule only applies to automatic homeruns (a ball hit over a fence or a bank in the air). Any homerun hit in excess of the allowable is an automatic out. At no time during the game will the number of automatics homeruns hit by one team be more than 2 (two) more than that hit by the opposing team. When a fair fly ball is deflected over the homerun fence or a bank by a defensive player, the batter will be awarded 4 (four) bases. This will not be considered the same as a homerun and does not count as such..

Any home run hit in excess of the allowable will be an out.
Mullins - anything OVER the net is an OUT. Into the net is a homerun. Anything foul past the netting and over the boundary fence (in the air) is an OUT.
"Hit and Sit" rules apply (the hitter doesn't run the bases on a home run over the fence). In all Hit and Sit play, the Batterrunner and all baserunners are not required to touch the succeeding base. In all Hit and Sit play, each over the fence home run is a dead ball.

4 ) A batter is declared out when a foul ball is hit after two strikes.


Scoring  Line, Force out at home . Commitment Line 20 ft from home plate. No Sliding at Home. If not being played on, the runner shall not be called out if stepping on home plate, providing that there is no contact with a defensive player. A runner shall not be called out if home plate is touched in an attempt to avoid a collision. (SPN Rule 13 sec. 4)

For further explanation of the rule refer to SPN Rule book or online  www.slo-pitch.com

Commitment Line 1-9, 8-14, 13-4C,14-3C  definition 3-24

Scoring Line  1-10, 8-5V,8-14,13-4E, 14-3E  definition 3-74


At the conclusion of league (regular season) play, standings will be established using the following criteria:

a ) Most points : if tied, then :
b ) Most wins : if still tied, then :
c ) Winners of games between tied teams : if still tied, then :
d ) Difference PLUS or MINUS of total runs scored of tied teams if they have played
each other twice : if still tied, then :
e ) Difference PLUS or MINUS of total runs scored of tied teams during league
(regular season) play : (so make sure you keep your score sheets) and finally :
f ) Coin toss. This will be done by two representatives not involved with the tied teams.


This will be a double knockout format.

Playoff Format: Even Number of League Teams : Playoffs will be an even split: eg 14 Teams (7 A Pool : 7 B Pool) Odd Number of League Teams : Higher number of teams in A Playoff pool eg: 15 Teams (8 A Pool : 7 B Pool)



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