Lions Park : (Warren Ave. at Quebec St.)
Three homerun progressive, any other fair balls hit over the fence will be an OUT.
Lions Park Field Map

Parkway 2 : (Beside Lions Park)
Progressive rule applies (see below).

Parkway: (Warren Ave. at Quebec St.) (Field closest to The BMX track)
RIGHT FIELD: The fence is in play. A ball landing on the slanted fence top is a ground rule 2 bases. A fair or foul ball over the right field fence is an OUT. A ball hit into right centre that curves behind the fence is a ground rule double. The bank in foul territory in left field is OUT OF PLAY.
Parkway Field Map

PMW / PME - Princess Margaret School, (Green Ave.)
Fielder interference from the other PM field is a ground rule 2 bases.

QUEENS PARK (corner of Birch and Maple)
Right field wall of school is in play. Ball hit onto the school roof is a homerun. Progressive rule applies (see below).
Queens Park Field Map

SKAHA (corner of Cypress and Elm)
NOTE: ANY ball hit over the fence to the left of the yellow pole is an OUT, to the right of the pole is a homerun. Progressive rule applies (see below).
Skaha Field Map

UPLANDS SCHOOL (Middle Bench rd. 2 blocks east of Johnson)
A ball rolling over the right field bank touched or untouched is a ground rule 2 bases. A fly ball clearing the bank is a homerun. Progressive rule applies. The bank in left field foul territory is OUT OF PLAY. Any ball coming within 3 feet of the fence parallel to the first base line is OUT OF PLAY.
Uplands Field Map

WEST BENCH SCHOOL (West Bench Dr. North of Bartlett)
Ball hit into playground is a homerun. Playground wooden edging is in play, however if the ball jumps into the playground it is a ground rule 2 bases. Progressive rule applies.
West Bench Field Map

KVE and KVW - KETTLE VALLEY SCHOOL (Jermyn Ave or on Forestbrook Ave. )
Left field, rolling up bank touched or untouched is a ground rule 2 bases. Fly ball hit over or ONTO bank is a homerun (fly ball caught with both feet on bank is a homerun). Progressive rule applies. Fielder interference is a ground rule 2 bases.

ALL FIELDS: Any objects in the field, for example goal posts, that interfere with the play is a ground rule 2 bases. Progressive rule: 3 homerun (awarded) differential at all parks. Anything after that is a ground rule double EXCEPT Lions Park where it will be an OUT (see league rules). HOME team is responsible for moving AND replacing all goalposts and padlocks. Umpires have keys to padlocks. VERY important safety issue!!


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